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Re: Debian 1.1 will include the Linux 2.0 kernel

On Mon, 17 Jun 1996, Rick Hawkins wrote:

> > 1.) There are distributions which only need to rawrite one singel disk.
> >     versa five!
> beg pardon?  debian requires two, root & boot.   It also requires either
> the 3 disks, or a file (base1_1.tgz) be available in the top two levels
> of the file system.
> Given a CD packaging, i suspect that the requirement for the root disk
> could be eliminated, making it one disk (but i don't know enough about
> file systems; don't hold me to this :).  
> Similarly, a pair could be made with nfs support in the boot kernel,
> which would require an nfs source for the rest of the files.

You are right this _could_ be made. 
But I do think that this should be considered for the new unstable aka 
1.2 Release.
The documentation of 1.1 tells the user to prepare boot, root, base[1-3]
this sums up to 5 disks.
Actually I do think it is more important to support most of the standard 
hardware components than to change the install procedure for 1.1.
(Not beeing able to install on a P5 with a NCR 810 is a petty)

-- martin

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