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Re: Self-Built Kernel Packages

>>"Dale" == Dale Scheetz <dwarf@polaris.net> writes:

Dale> In the past these source/image packages clobbered the
Dale> modules.dep file for the currently running kernel. I understand
Dale> that they no longer do that, however, I have not been happy with
Dale> the position taken by the package maintainer on these issues, so
Dale> have been unwilling to try the newer packages (mostly because
Dale> they are unnecessary to the functioning of my system)

	I suppose that means me.  I publically apologize for any toes
I have stepped on, believe me, that was not the intent. I'll try
harder not be so intransigent, I definitely did not want to drive off
any potential users.

Its not the size of the ship, its the size of the waves.  -- Little
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