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Re: Self-Built Kernel Packages

On Thu, 30 May 1996, Brian C. White wrote:

> > >> There is indeed a Debian-ized version of the kernel. The package is
> > >> called kernel-image.
> >
> >         You could also grab the raw source and use kernel-package
> > package to generate your new image package.  This is the recommended
> > method for generating custom kernel images.
> Could you point me to exactly where this is recommended?
> In any case, though, I have no desire to follow this path.  I like
> building my kernel directly from the main sources.  I don't want to
> have to wait for a package to get built or apply patches to the
> debian sources.

With the newer kernels this is a moot point. The newer kernels don't
explicitly use /usr/src/linux/... but instead use pwd to determine the
source head and work from there. 

I obtain my kernel source directly from Finland and place it in the path
/usr/src/kernel, unpack it and rename the resultant linux path to
kernel-source-1.3.xxx, cd to that directory and begin building.

I will not install either kernel-source or kernel-image packages on my
system. Any package that truely depends upon kernel version is probably
just broken. Packages that depend on a particular kernel version and do
not check for this version at execution time are definitely broken.

In the past these source/image packages clobbered the modules.dep file for
the currently running kernel. I understand that they no longer do that,
however, I have not been happy with the position taken by the package
maintainer on these issues, so have been unwilling to try the newer
packages (mostly because they are unnecessary to the functioning of my



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