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Re: big problems with installation

On Fri, 31 May 1996, Alberto Brizio wrote:

> Hello,
>   I have an old AMD' 80386 40MHz with 4MB of RAM and I really like
> to install Linux on it. I spent some time looking around and
> then I decided to proceed with the Debian distribution.
> Got the five disks of the 0.93R6 version I started the installation 
> but with no success at all.
> I disabled all the option for shadowing ROM and I deleted all
> the data on the HD (Conner CP30104 121MB) before to start.
> Then I ran the boot and root disks (created with dd ...).

Why don't you try installing Debian 1.1 beta instead of 0.93R6? It's
located in the unstable directory of your friendly Debian mirror site.
but don't be misled by the 'unstable' name... 1.1 is now in late beta and
is quite stable now. And the installation process has been improved quite
a bit in 1.1.

Besides, you'll find it easier to install 1.1 beta right now than to
install 0.93R6 and then upgrade to 1.1 when it comes out (which should be
real soon).

So could you try with 1.1 and mail us on debian-user if *that* doesn't


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