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Re: linux include files arrangement

> Does debian 1.1 observe the arrangement of the Linux kernel with
> regards to include files etc? ie should there be symlinks /usr/include
> to include and asm subdirectories in /usr/src/linux?

No, Debian uses a more stable (IMHO) arrangement where libc provides
its own version of the kernel headers that are known to be compatible.

> I previously only installed the kernel-header package from debian. But
> now I have just rebuilt the kernel from
> kernel-source-1.3.100-0.all.deb (because of module problems). Should I
> remove the /usr/include/linux files and make a symlink to the source
> directory?

No, don't replace the headers in /usr/include/linux.  The kernel does
not use the headers in /usr/include.  If you ever need to compile
something with kernel headers that are newer than those procided by
libc (which isn't likely unless you are doing systems level work), you
should add -I/usr/src/linux/include to your compile line.

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