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Re: Problems with color-ls

  Dale> What is in your /usr/local/etc/colour-ls.rc file? 

That is the usual plain text file that describes which colours are used for
which modes, extensions, ... I just didn't like the name DIRCOLORS or
whatever is proposed as uppercase is so loud.

  Dale> I have the eval `dircolors -b` in my /etc/profile my $HOME/.bashrc as
  Dale> well.  It doens't seem to help. It happens when running the Makefile
  Dale> that changes shells within the Makefile itself. ie It is a /bin/sh
  Dale> script but calls the /bin/csh in the script. Could that mess things
  Dale> up?

Sure. You can try any of these options (ordered in increasing uglyness):

 - say "unalias ls" just before the calling make, it will then do a plain
   old ls without colours (easy)

 - hardcode calls to ls in the Makefile or script to /bin/ls (ok)

 - disable the dircolors in /etc/profile and ~/.bashrc (ugly)

 - rewrite the csh script as sh or bash (very ugly)

Hope this helps,

Dirk Eddelb"uttel                              http://qed.econ.queensu.ca/~edd

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