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Re: XFree and ATI-Mach-64 cards

Kai Grossjohann wrote:
> Hi there,
> can't get XFree running on an ATI-Mach-64 card.  I don't know for sure
> what kind of Mach64 card it is, but it's got 2MB VRAM.  When I start

If you can't get the XFree86 mach64 driver working, I'd recommend using the
beta driver for the Mach 64.  It has better support for more of the variants
of the Mach64 card.

After finding the driver at XFree86's web page, you can put it someplace in
/usr/local, and tell X to use it for the display driver.

					- John Larkin
					- jlarkin@hmc.edu

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