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XFree and ATI-Mach-64 cards

Hi there,

can't get XFree running on an ATI-Mach-64 card.  I don't know for sure
what kind of Mach64 card it is, but it's got 2MB VRAM.  When I start
XF86_Mach64, I get junk on the screen: most of the pixels are white,
but there are thin vertical stripes (a couple of inches high/long) of
black.  Also some patches of the screen are green or yellow.  Nothing
changes on screen when I move the mouse or change resolutions.

I suspect that the aperture is the problem; the docs (of XF) say that
the aperture has to be set.  For this, I seem to need to include a
MemBase line in the Device section.  But I don't know what to put
there:  The INSTALL.EXE that comes with the card tells me the aperture
is ``4M @ 4000M'' (quoting verbatim) whereas the M64DIAG.EXE tells me
the aperture is ``8MB @ 4000MB''.  The printed docs say (trying to
translate from German)

    Video memory address
      * A000 - BFFF plus the address of the memory aperture that has
        been activated using the installation program

What do I have to put in the MemBase line?

(The printed docs also claim that I can ``INSTALL APMAP'' which lets
me change the aperture but sadly that doesn't work.)

Thanks a lot in advance,
Life is hard and then you die.

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