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Re: network with ETHERLINK 3

On Wed, 15 May 1996, Dan Halbert wrote:

>   >I am unable to configure my system with a EtherLink III ( 3C509B-TP ).
>   >Does any body had this kind of problem before.
> I have heard several times that this is due to the card's support for
> Plug'N'Play. You can get around this either by booting to DOS first
> and loading the drivers for the card, which will set its IRQ and
> interrupt address (I do this), or else by turning off Plug'N'Play in
> the card's NVRAM, using one of the disks that came with the card.
> The latest Linux drivers for this card do support Plug'N'Play, but until
> you know you have them, the techniques above should work.

Good point, I have found this to be a problem with some of the SMC cards 
with Plug'n'Play as well.  


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