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Re: network with ETHERLINK 3

On Tue, 14 May 1996, Patrick Hernaelsteen wrote:

> I am unable to configure my system with a EtherLink III ( 3C509B-TP ).
> Does any body had this kind of problem before.
> Thanks for helping me,

The 3COM Etherlink III card is supported but it may not be in the base 
system's kernel.  In that case, you need to recompile the kernel to 
reflect the card you have.  This is somewhat difficult if you are 
counting on using FTP to load the full system.  I have gotten around this 
problem in the past by compiling a kernel on another Debian machine and 
then transferring it over to the target machine with the Etherlink III 
card.  You will have to write the kernel out to a floppy with a ext2 file 
system since the base installation does not include mtools but it is doable.

If this is not the problem, I suggest you look at how the Etherlink III 
card is set up.  If it is a combo card with more than one kind of media 
(BNC and TP, for example), you might need to use the disk provided with 
the card after having booted to DOS and tell the card which of the 
connectors you intend to use.  I found this out because my card was 
initially configured to use the BNC and I wanted to use the TP.

Hope this helps!


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