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Re: X Windows

On Thu, 16 May 1996, Craig Sanders wrote:

> Is it possible to get xdm to put a login prompt on more than one vc?
> e.g.  have xdm login screens on vc 3,4,5,6
> so i can login on vc3 but let other people share my machine in X windows
> without having to log out...just press ctrl-alt-F4 to switch to another X
> login screen.
> Anyone done this before? if xdm can't do it, is there another tool that
> can?
> Craig

You can start more than one X server, (add an entry to etc/X11/xdm/Xservers
/using :0.1) but I'm not sure how well logins will work.  I tried once to
have two X-servers, but it was memory-intensive and messy to use so I didn't
bother ironing out the details.  Usually the reason to do this would be to
have a 'true color' and a '8 bit color' screen at the same time.  I think
you have to tweak your environment just right, or else give parameters to
every X program telling it which server to use.

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