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Re: X Windows

One of the joys of getting X up is that you'll get Netscape
up and then you'll be able to use DejaNews to answer every question under
the Sun!  

When I looked in DejaNews with the query terms "trident xf86config" I got
about 2 dozen hits, which told me:
a) lots of people were offering their XF86Config files to others who'd
   had trouble (I wrote to one of them and asked for his); I'll send it along.
b) you have to get the latest beta drivers (3.1.2D) from

After you unpack the files, then
i) tune up XFree86Config as appropriate for your monitor and amount of
   memory on your video card, etc.
ii) put the binary image of the SVGA server somewhere (I put it in 
   /usr/X11R6/bin, but I think you're supposed to put it in /usr/local/bin.)
iii) Edit your file /etc/X11/Xserver, so the first line says where your 
   SVGA xserver file really is.

I think in addition to the packages you mentioned, you'll want to get 
xpm4.7 (for fvwm2 -- I think you want fvwm2 rather than fvwm).  I also 
find myself always getting xfntpex.

Then there's the issue of really doing something with X.  What you need then 
depends on what you want to do.  

Hope that helps.
Susan Kleinmann

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