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Re: X Windows

On Sun, 12 May 1996, Dale Scheetz wrote:

> I found some time this weekend to finaly set up X windows and was able to
> learn enough to put it off again.
> The graphics card in my machine is a Trident TGUI 9440 AGI which the docs
> say is not yet supported (as of June of 95) but that someone was working
> on it. Has there been any news?
> I have a Cyrus Logic card in the shop I can swap. I suspect that will
> happen before the new driver gets to me :-)
> I am somewhat put off by the hodge podge of packages in the x11 section. I
> know I need:
> xserver_xxxxx	I chose xserver_svga
> xlib
> xbase
> xfntbase
> xmanpages
> fvwm2
> Is there anything else I need for a minimal X installation? How do I tell
> (asside from examining dependencies and description fields) which of the
> other packages in this section are desirable, necessary, objectionable,
> etc...
> I'd love some pointers on what's left as well.
> TIA,
> Dwarf
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I don't think you technically need fvwm2, (but it's nice.)  Also rxvt is
supposed better on mem than xterm, and xcontrib probably has neat stuff but
I've never uninstalled it to see what disappeared.  Most people will use
xkeycaps eventually since every person who installs X seems to have to
fiddle with bkspc/delete and fix them.  You will want some other stuff if
you intend to _compile_ anything which is X'ed.

As for your graphics drivers, I would strongly recommend taking that to an
X11 newsgroup if you have access to one... not that this list is
overtrafficed, just you will get more responses;  some of the hardware X11
lists are 100 messages or so / day last I checked :)

BTW, what does TIA mean?

Hey guys, I just heard something that really worries me...  
(wringing hands)  What is the correct side of the bed to get up on?

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