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find question (and xargs)

Hi all,

this might be a more unix oriented question but I'll ask it anyway 
because it is very debian related too:

I would like to find packages bigger than 459976 bytes and split them
with dpkg-split, if splitting is succesfull I'll remove the package.
I have come at the following but it doesn't work (and can't figger 
out why not from the manpages).

find / -size +459976c -noleaf -type f -name '*.deb'|\
xargs -n 1 dpkg-split -s {} && rm {}

I was thinking that {} would be replaced by the filename but that's
not the case. Anyone know how to solve this?
Erick Branderhorst@heel.fgg.eur.nl +31-10-4635142
Department of General Surgery (Intensive Care) University Hospital Rotterdam NL

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