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Re: X Windows

On Mon, 13 May 1996, Kevin M Bealer wrote:

> I don't think you technically need fvwm2, (but it's nice.)  Also rxvt is
> supposed better on mem than xterm, and xcontrib probably has neat stuff but
> I've never uninstalled it to see what disappeared.  Most people will use
> xkeycaps eventually since every person who installs X seems to have to
> fiddle with bkspc/delete and fix them.  You will want some other stuff if
> you intend to _compile_ anything which is X'ed.
> As for your graphics drivers, I would strongly recommend taking that to an
> X11 newsgroup if you have access to one... not that this list is
> overtrafficed, just you will get more responses;  some of the hardware X11
> lists are 100 messages or so / day last I checked :)

Thanks to everyone for their responses. I swapped to a Cirrus Logic
CL-GD5430 and have a working X. 
The new server installation software is very helpful in building a working
config file. The last time I installed X, I had to edit the config by
hand, referencing the driver database and other docs to get it right.
If you have the manual for your monitor and video card in hand you come
out the other end of the installation script with a working config file.
Good work!

I installed fvwm2 but still get the xterm that comes as the default. I
used to know who and where the config files were, but can't seem to find
my way around. Where should I start (after Matt's book and usr/doc)?

> BTW, what does TIA mean?

Thanks In Advance! :-)


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