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Re: problems with mailagent


	It was not clear from the description of your problem whether
 mail was ever seen by the mailagent.  I'm assuming that you tested it
 locally, and have a log file.  Does that show any hits? What about
 the stderror of the filter (for example, this is how I setup
 mailagent at work: (This is my .forward file)
"| exec /usr/local/lib/mailagent/filter >>/u/srivasta/var/log/mailerror 2>&1"

	I was referring to your equivalent of the mailerror file as
 the second place to look.

	If there is no record in either place, then maybe the mail did
 not reach your filter, maybe your MDA has requirements for .forward

	If the mail does show up in agentlogs, and there is a problem
 with filtering, then you should try setting the log level to 20 in
 your .mailagent file and see what that produces (In case of a
 mysterious error, I'd appreciate it if you could email me your
 .mailagent, rules, and log files so I could root around and see what
 is wrong).

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