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Re: problems with mailagent

Ahh, I see. [I am copying this to debian user, since the answer maybe
useful to others as well.]

	People using mailagent with popclient may want to run
 mailagent by itself after downloading mail from the server9since
 popclient delivers directly yo the spool file, not honoring .forward
 files), like so:
 % mailagent -f /var/spool/mail/<username>

 Fron the manpage:
  -f mailfile    Using mailfile as a UNIX-style mailbox (i.e. one where each
                 mail is preceded by a special From line stating the sender
                 and the date the message was issued), extract all its mes-
                 sages into the queue and process them as if they were
                 freshly arrived from the mail delivery subsystem.


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