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Re: Orchid Fahrenheit ProVideo 64

Olivier Abad wrote:
> I have problems configuring my Orchid Fahrenheit ProVideo 64 video card.

> Now when I startx, my screen turns black and after a few seconds, my 
> monitor turns to power save mode. 

Unfortunately, exactly the problem you report with this card has also been 
observed by others.  Some say that the card has problems with the AMD and 
Cyrix processors; I don't know.  As of April 28 (when a news message on 
this topic was posted), Accelerated X (not free software) was planning to 
supply an update to their drivers in "one or two weeks" that was meant 
to solve the problem.

I know that's not what you wanted to hear, but hope it at least saves you
some time.

Good luck,
Susan Kleinmann

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