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Orchid Fahrenheit ProVideo 64

I'm a new Debian user. I just installed 0.93R6 4 weeks ago and 
upgraded to 1.1 last week following Dale's instructions. My system is 
now up to date but I have problems configuring my Orchid Fahrenheit 
ProVideo 64 video card.

This card uses the S3 Vision 968 Chipset, whith a Bt485 RAMDAC and
an ICD2061A ClockChip. I had to specify these in my XF86Config file 
since SuperProbe doesn't detect the Ramdac and ClockChip.
Now when I startx, my screen turns black and after a few seconds, my 
monitor turns to power save mode. I can't get back to text mode even 
with <Ctrl> <Alt> <Backspace>. I'm forced to shutdown my computer 
using <Ctrl> <Alt> <Del> (and power it off/on) in order to get my 
monitor display things again.
I tried the stb_pegasus option in my config file. With this setting, 
I was able to startx and exit using the <Ctrl> <Alt> <Backspace>
sequence which correctly returned to text mode. But my english is not 
rich enough to describe what I had on my display after starting X :-)
I also tried with the 3.1.2D version of XF86_S3 but it didn't work
any better.

I know this problem is not Debian-specific but if someone around 
can help...


Olivier Abad

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