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Re: Must pppd be run by root?

Rick Macdonald writes:

>I'm configuring a fresh install of 1.1. I can only start pppd as
>root.  I found that /etc/ppp had permisions of 700. After changing
>that it still can only be run as root. Comparing "strace" output
>shows that it may be failing doing an ioctl on /dev/ttyp0. Changing
>the permissions of this tty to 666 didn't help.
>Any ideas?

pppd has to do various messing around creating network interfaces and
so on, so running it as (not root) is a bit of a non-starter.  Why do
you want it to be able to run it not as root?

The diald package removes all the hassle of starting and shutting down
network connections over a transient link, incidentally - you might
like to investuigate that.


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