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Re: Supra 288i Sp Modem

On Fri, 10 May 1996, Shawn Asmussen wrote:

> Well, I have a Supra 288i modem although it's not speakerphone. I think 
> the problem with plug and play stuff is that it's kind of undefined until 
> the operating system tells it what irq and port to use. I also have dos 
> and windows (Not Win95) on my system, and I first boot into dos to let 
> the dos device driver that came with the modem to set the port and irq (I 
> used other software that came with it to force it to pick the io port and 
> irq that I wanted it to use), and then once I get a dos prompt, I 
> control-alt-delete and go into linux with lilo, and the modem keeps the 
> values that it's been set with, and works under linux. 

I've had similar problems, and solved them using Loadlin. That way
you can load the drivers (and have a choice of OS) with the dos 
config.sys and autoexec.bat (using a config.sys menu for selecting
a configuration or OS). Loadlin runs when ordered to by
autoexec.bat, and does a `logical reload,' clearing memory and
booting Linux as usual. The advantages:

1) No need for a ctrl-alt-del as part of your boot
2) Loadlin is safer and easier to use than Lilo

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