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Re: Supra 288i Sp Modem

Well, I have a Supra 288i modem although it's not speakerphone. I think 
the problem with plug and play stuff is that it's kind of undefined until 
the operating system tells it what irq and port to use. I also have dos 
and windows (Not Win95) on my system, and I first boot into dos to let 
the dos device driver that came with the modem to set the port and irq (I 
used other software that came with it to force it to pick the io port and 
irq that I wanted it to use), and then once I get a dos prompt, I 
control-alt-delete and go into linux with lilo, and the modem keeps the 
values that it's been set with, and works under linux. There may be 
better support for plug and play stuff for linux out there, but I don't 
have it if there is. If anybody knows a better way to do this, I'd be 
most appreciative to know it...


On Mon, 6 May 1996, Troy J Kelley wrote:

> Hello,
> Has anybody had any experience with the supra 288i Sp "internal 
> Speakderphone Modem".  This modem comes stock with most microns and
> is plug and play.  I have used the following line in /etc/rc.boot/0setserial:
> "setserial -vb /dev/cua2 irq 5 port 0x03e8 uart 16550A"
> if, after bootup, I do a "setserial /dev/cua2", it feeds those 
> params back as if everything is ok.  Minicom, however, does not
> see the modem.  Good ol' atdt does nothing.  The modem uses non-standard
> IRQ and baseaddresses.  The values are reported by WIN95 (from 
> which the modem works just fine, BTW). 
> Any help is appreciated.
> Troy (tkelley@ecn.purdue.edu)

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