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Re: 1.1 X setup default: bs/del don't work with motif apps.

Yves Arrouye wrote:
> The subject says it: none of these keys work with Motif apps on a
> fresh installation. I'm sure some xmodmap commands (though I'm not
> sure which ones, if you can help) would do the trick, but I wonder
> what neither of them is usable by default?

If this is indeed just an xmodmap fix...

XKeyCaps is a wonderfull X app that will generate those ugly xmodmap
commands for you a-la Macintosh.  Take a look at:


I don't think there is a .deb package for it but it compiled "out of
the box" for me.

(Yup, it was written by one of the netscape developers.  Check out
netscape's "N" icon after hitting his page.  Now think about what else
might be slipped into that ever-so-prevelant "client". :) :)

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