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Re: 1.1 X setup default: bs/del don't work with motif apps.

It's interesting that people are having problems now with Motif apps,
because suddenly, my problems with Motif apps have been magically solved. 
That is, the backspace key now works correctly for both Motif and
non-Motif apps.  Previously, if I wanted the backspace key to work
correctly with Motif apps, I would have to map it to backspace (where the
default was mapped to delete).  But, if I did this, then it would not
work correctly with non-Motif apps because they generally want the delete
key instead of backspace.  There was usually a fix for each of these
non-Motif apps but *each* app had to be fixed individually which was a
pain.  So, I just left the backspace key mapped to delete and used ^H when
using Motif apps.  

Thanks to whoever fixed this.  Please don't change it back to the way it 

So, if people are having trouble now, and they've previously mapped
backspace to backspace (^H) for Motif apps, try changing the mapping back
to delete and see if this solves the problem. 


On Thu, 9 May 1996, Yves Arrouye wrote:

> The subject says it: none of these keys work with Motif apps on a
> fresh installation. I'm sure some xmodmap commands (though I'm not
> sure which ones, if you can help) would do the trick, but I wonder
> what neither of them is usable by default?
> YA.

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