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Re: 1.1 X setup default: bs/del don't work with motif apps.

> The subject says it: none of these keys work with Motif apps on a
> fresh installation. I'm sure some xmodmap commands (though I'm not
> sure which ones, if you can help) would do the trick, but I wonder
> what neither of them is usable by default?

In the TU Munich Computer Science Department, the following advice has
been posted, which worked very well for me.

Insert the following resources into your .Xdefaults:

   *defaultVirtualBindings:  osfPageUp:     <Key>Prior \n\
           osfPageDown:   <Key>Next        \n\
           osfEndLine:    <Key>End         \n\
           osfBeginLine:  <Key>Home        \n\
           osfBackSpace:  <Key>Delete      \n\
           osfDelete:     <Key>Delete      \n\
           osfInsert:     <Key>Insert      \n\
           osfLeft:       <Key>Left        \n\
           osfUp:         <Key>Up          \n\
           osfDown:       <Key>Down        \n\
           osfRight:      <Key>Right       \n\
           osfCancel:      Ctrl <Key>g     \n\
           osfCut:         Ctrl <Key>w     \n\
           osfCopy:        Ctrl <Key>c     \n\
           osfPaste:       Ctrl <Key>y     \n\
           osfClear:       Ctrl <Key>k
   *XmText.translations: #override\n\
           <Key>Delete: delete-previous-character()\n\
           <Key>BackSpace: delete-previous-character()\n\
           <Key>Right: forward-character()\n\
           <Key>Left: backward-character()\n

Have fun,

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                |  |  |  |  Thomas-Dehler-Str. 27       81737 Muenchen
os@sdm.de       |  |  |  |  Germany         +49 89 63812-302, Fax -150

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