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Re: sendmail up and running or not

> I have configured the sendmail in Debian 1.1, in either the following
> two ways:
> 1) use /usr/sbin/sendmailconfig which comes with the sendmail Debian
> package

This is the preferred method.

> 2) follow the instrucions in /usr/doc/sendmail to create a .mc file,
> which is quit simple in fact, and use m4 to create the .cf file and
> copy it to /etc/sendmail.cf

Running `sendmailconfig' after tweaking the .mc file will also opt to create
and install the .cf file for you automatically.

> Both ways works, but I still have the following problems.
> 1) I could sent mail from my Linux box either to the localhost and to
> the outside world.  (I am write this message within Emacs in my Linux
> box.)  But I cannot receive mail from the outside.  I am connecting to
> my ISP using PPP.  What can I do, in order to receive mail from the
> Net.

To receive mail directly from the outside, you need to have a host or domain
name for which mail will be routed to your machine. Sometimes this involves an
MX record pointing to your machine. It assumes your machine is always
connected to the net. If this isn't the case, or if you don't have a static
host or domain name, you probably can't use this kind of mail configuration;
you might want to look into a POP setup instead using `popclient'.

Assuming you have the aforementioned host/domain name, all you need to do is
configure sendmail to accept mail for that domain. If it's the same as your
"mail name," and you enable mail acceptance for your mail name, you should be
set. Otherwise you may need to include your domain name in the list of
alternate names. All of this is configurable with `sendmailconfig'.

> 2) In every minute the root receives a mail form "root (Cron Daemon)"
> with the subject "Cron <root@gli> atrun -d 0.5" and the body says
> "non-option arguments - not allowed: No such file or directory".  I
> don't know how to fix it, please help.

This is a separate problem, not related to sendmail. I believe there is a bug
in the `cron' package that should be fixed in a newer version.

Robert Leslie

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