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sendmail up and running or not

I have configured the sendmail in Debian 1.1, in either the following
two ways:

1) use /usr/sbin/sendmailconfig which comes with the sendmail Debian

2) follow the instrucions in /usr/doc/sendmail to create a .mc file,
which is quit simple in fact, and use m4 to create the .cf file and
copy it to /etc/sendmail.cf

Both ways works, but I still have the following problems.

1) I could sent mail from my Linux box either to the localhost and to
the outside world.  (I am write this message within Emacs in my Linux
box.)  But I cannot receive mail from the outside.  I am connecting to
my ISP using PPP.  What can I do, in order to receive mail from the

2) In every minute the root receives a mail form "root (Cron Daemon)"
with the subject "Cron <root@gli> atrun -d 0.5" and the body says
"non-option arguments - not allowed: No such file or directory".  I
don't know how to fix it, please help.


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