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Re: 1.1 system doesn't unmount a drive during reboot

On Tue, 7 May 1996, Nathan O. Siemers wrote:

> 	1.1 (1.3.68 kernel) is solid as a rock, so I haven't had to
> reboot often, but...
> 	One of my two mounted hard drives doesn't unmount during the
> shutdown process, giving a device is busy message.  umount doesn't
> seem to work either, but I've only tried that a few times.  
> My fstab doesn't seem to look too wacky (/dev/hdb1 is not getting
> unmounted):

You might want to get acquainted with the fuser command.

"fuser -m /dev/hdb1" will list the process id of all the processes that are
currently accessing a file on /dev/hdb1.

Try inserting the following command in /etc/init.d/halt (which is the file
that gets run when you request a halt through shutdown) just before the
line that says 'echo -n "Unmounting file systems... "':

(fuser -m /dev/hdb1; ps -fx) | more

This should print something looking somewhat like this:

/dev/hdb1:               1m     8m    22m    87m    89m    95m    97m
100m   104m   107m   112m   118m   121m   124m   125m   132m   141   141r
141e   147  
    1  ?  S     0:00 init 
    2  ?  SW    0:00 (kflushd)
    3  ?  SW<   0:00 (kswapd)
   22  ?  S     0:00 /sbin/kerneld 
   87  ?  S     0:00 /sbin/syslogd 
   89  ?  S     0:00 /sbin/klogd 
   97  ?  S     0:00 (inetd)
  100  ?  S     0:00 (named)


Just jot down the name of the processes whose process ids correspond to ids
in the list given by fuser. Then you'll know who's keeping your drive busy
during shutdown. If you don't know what to do then, just post the info to
debian-users... Someone should know why the offending process doesn't get
killed on shutdown.


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