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Re: more mirror questions

I just did some quick checking on the timestamp of the same file at 1/2
dozen sites... the target being "debian-manual.txt";

Mar 6 15:46 -> ftp.tower.net.au  (GMT +8 hrs)
Mar 6 23:46 -> ftp.debian.org
Mar 6 23:46 -> ftp.ion.com.au    (GMT +10 hrs)
Mar 6 22:46 -> ftp.lh.umu.se
Mar 7 06:46 -> ftp.caldera.com
Mar 6 18:46 -> tsx-11.mit.edu

So if one does not do a "mirror -T site" first then you stand the distinct
possibility of re-fetching or losing all your current files if you do not
check first. I can't really afford the overhead of of "mirror -n site" then
a "mirror -T site" then the actual mirror run itself.. and that would cause
3 lots of global "ls -ltR" execs on the remote site, quite expensive. Anyone
have some ideas or suggestions about streamlining this process ?


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