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Re: more mirror questions

> I just did some quick checking on the timestamp of the same file at 1/2
> dozen sites... the target being "debian-manual.txt";
> Mar 6 15:46 -> ftp.tower.net.au  (GMT +8 hrs)
> Mar 6 23:46 -> ftp.debian.org
> Mar 6 23:46 -> ftp.ion.com.au    (GMT +10 hrs)
> Mar 6 22:46 -> ftp.lh.umu.se
> Mar 7 06:46 -> ftp.caldera.com
> Mar 6 18:46 -> tsx-11.mit.edu
> So if one does not do a "mirror -T site" first then you stand the distinct
> possibility of re-fetching or losing all your current files if you do not
> check first. I can't really afford the overhead of of "mirror -n site" then
> a "mirror -T site" then the actual mirror run itself.. and that would cause
> 3 lots of global "ls -ltR" execs on the remote site, quite expensive. Anyone
> have some ideas or suggestions about streamlining this process ?

It would be nice if mirror had a remote_tiimezone key that could be 
set.  That would allow the mirror sites to all have the same real time 
on the files (as opposed to the difference between ftp.ion.com.au and 
ftp.tower.net.au above).

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