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Re: Australian mirrors

At 11:38 AM 7/05/96 CST, you wrote:
>Most information on Debian mirrors lists three sites in Australia.
>For example,
>   If you're looking for another Australian-specific Debian GNU/Linux
>   mirror site then here is a list of all the official ones:
>     ftp.tower.net.au   /pub/linux/debian     (Tower Networking P/L - Perth)
>     ftp.it.com.au      /mirrors/linux/debian (Informed Technology - Perth)
>     ftp.usyd.edu.au    /linux/debian         (Sydney University - Sydney)
>The tower.net.au site is pretty much up-to-date but connections to it
>can become rather slow.  Same goes for the it.com.au site.  I expect
>the problem is saturation of the circuits to Perth.
>For me the usyd.edu.au site usually provides much faster response but
>it was last updated on Mar 9 - about 2 months ago.
>Are there any other official Debian mirrors in Australia?  Is there
>anyone who can check if U. of Sydney's archive maintainer expects to
>update their mirror?

Well, I dont know what's happened to ftp.usyd.edu.au and I dont know the
administrator there but the reason why we're slow is actually because we've
got a *lot* of people getting Debian from this site.  In the US they say
that the ftp server load dies before the link dies, well unfortunately here
it's the other way around :-(  We only have 2 ISDN-BRI b-channels (which is
considered fast for Australia) and when we get over 10 people from Australia
coming in our link is flooded (not forgetting that I have clients too).
Maybe an email to root@ftp.usyd.edu.au might help?

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