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LaTeX (in-)compatibility


     Sorry for this off-topic topic.  Thought, Debian
     users might be interested in this also.  Perhaps
     someone has  found  a solution yet,  other  than
     handtune many LaTeX-docs again or reuse the  old

 It seems to me that there has occured some important change in
LaTeX font generation (dvips + Metafont) as well as in vertical
spacing between version a) and version b) of LaTeX (see below).
Is this "repairable"?  How could one make the system b) produce
the same output as system a)?  The observed differences are:

1.)   Version a) looks and feels the same as LaTeX2.09 before.

2.)   Documents compiled with b) use more vertical space than a),
      e. g. the same text is distributed on more pages.  Most
      annoying are hand-tuned pages from a).  The command:
      	   \setlength{\parskip}{1ex plus0.5ex minus0.2ex}
      makes no difference.(??!)

3.)   The ghostview-preview produced from b) is less readable than
      that of b), given the same X11-terminal at resolution
      1152x900, magstep 0.  The b)-fonts look a micro bit smaller,
      most horizontal bars in "t" or "f" are missing at that
      resolution and the "e" is ugly as well.  This point is the
      most important one, for addresses the readability of

============================== a) ==============================
This is TeX, Version 3.1415 (C version 6.0)
This is dvipsk 5.526a Copyright 1986, 1993 Radical Eye Software
	(uses:  /usr/TeX/lib/texmf/dvips/config.ps, 
    called with options: "-D 300 -t a4 -Z" for HP-laserjet)
Ghostscript 2.6.1 (5/28/93)
ghostview 1.5
============================== b) ==============================
This is TeX, Version 3.1415 (C version 6.1)
LaTeX2e <1995/06/01> patch level 3
This is dvipsk 5.58f Copyright 1986, 1994 Radical Eye Software
	(uses:  the same config.ps as above)
Ghostscript 2.6.1 (5/28/93)
ghostview 1.5

 Thanks.  Andreas.

Uni Wuppertal, FB Elektrotechnik, Tel/Fax: (0202) 439 - 3009
Andreas Wehler;   email:  wehler2@welfa4.elektro.uni-wuppertal.de

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