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Re: Mach64 card and XFree86..

On Mon, 6 May 1996 Richard.Dansereau@ee.umanitoba.ca wrote:

> I'm trying to install debian 0.93R6 with XFree86 right now on a
> Pentium 100 with an ATI Mach64 card.  Unfortunately, I can't get
> X to sync the video card into the right video mode.

The answer to this depends on which chip set is on your Mach64 card. Here 
is a section from the XFree86 FAQ which talks about this.

---------Begin XFree86 FAQ---------
                       Q.F14- MACH64 "CT" AND "ET" CHIPS

From: XFree86 FAQ

   These versions of the Mach64 chipset include an on-chip RAMDAC and clock
   generator and do not work with the current (full) release. Additionally,
   some cards using the "GX-F (GX rev 3)" versions may not work with the
   current release.

   These chips are supported in the latest beta release, however, be sure
   to read item G4.
-----------End XFree86 FAQ---------------

If this applies to you, you can download the latest beta release of the 
Mach64 server and install it. You shouldn't need any other parts of the 
XFree86 beta release.

Hope this helps.   

Steven Bosnick
Philosophy Department
University of Guelph

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