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Mach64 card and XFree86..

Hi all!

I'm trying to install debian 0.93R6 with XFree86 right now on a
Pentium 100 with an ATI Mach64 card.  Unfortunately, I can't get
X to sync the video card into the right video mode.

I have been somewhat successful in installing Xaccelerated on this
machine.. but, even then, the only way I can get X started correctly
is if I sync into the right video mode first when I'm in dos and
then to boot up into Linux through loadlin.  Otherwise the exact
same problem occurs as with XFree86.  I haven't tested if the exact
same thing happens with XFree86 but I suspect so.  Why won't it
sync the video card correctly into the right mode?


Richard Dansereau
Email: rdanse@pobox.com          Home page:  http://pobox.com/~rdanse
Electrical and Computer Engineering - University of Manitoba - Canada

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