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configure sendmail in Debian

I am using Debian 1.1 beta.  When I do dpkg --configure sendmail, I get a 
error message saying that /etc/sendmail.cf is not avaiable.  Then I do 
dpkg -s sendmail and found that sendmail is half-configured.  While I am 
reading some document on sendmail, could anyone show me the steps so that 
I could have sendmail up and runing as quickly as possible.  I am connect 
to an ISP using PPP, and is not using UUCP yet. 

I have a few questions.

1) It seems that sendmail is invoked by cron once every 30 second, can I 
just start sendmail by hand? 

2) How do I create the /etc/sendmail.cf file?

3) There is a directory /usr/lib/sendmail.cf, how do I make use of it?


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