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Re: disabling daemons from init.d

 Ed> like to conserve as much memory as I can.  My question is, what's the best
 Ed> way for me to disable the services started by the init scripts like
 Ed> netbase netstd, etc, while not deleting the files?  At first, I moved the
 Ed> S* links, from rc2.d to an 'unused' directory.  That did stop them
 Ed> loading, but with all the remaining links to the scripts in other runlevel
 Ed> directories, it seemed half-assed & messy, although init didn't complain.
 Ed> What happens if I move the actual scripts the links reference (I'm too new
 Ed> at admin-ing to be that experimental)?  If anyone wants to say, (deep
 Ed> voice) "This is the cleanest way, son," that'd be great.

There is something called update-rc.d which is dealing with all these links

usage: update-rc.d <basename> remove
       update-rc.d <basename> defaults [<cn> | <scn> <kcn>]
       update-rc.d <basename> start|stop <cn> <r> <r> .  ...

I guess you wish to use the remove option, which kills the links while
leaving the scripts intact. Was my voice deep enough ?-;


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