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Re: disabling daemons from init.d

Jean Orloff writes ("Re: disabling daemons from init.d "):
>[Ed Donovan writes:]
>> like to conserve as much memory as I can.  My question is, what's the best
>> way for me to disable the services started by the init scripts like
>> netbase netstd, etc, while not deleting the files?  At first, I moved the
>> S* links, from rc2.d to an 'unused' directory.  That did stop them
>> loading, but with all the remaining links to the scripts in other runlevel
>> directories, it seemed half-assed & messy, although init didn't complain.
>> What happens if I move the actual scripts the links reference (I'm too new
>> at admin-ing to be that experimental)?  If anyone wants to say, (deep
>> voice) "This is the cleanest way, son," that'd be great.
> There is something called update-rc.d which is dealing with all these links
> cleanly. 
> usage: update-rc.d <basename> remove
>        update-rc.d <basename> defaults [<cn> | <scn> <kcn>]
>        update-rc.d <basename> start|stop <cn> <r> <r> .  ...
> I guess you wish to use the remove option, which kills the links while
> leaving the scripts intact. Was my voice deep enough ?-;

Don't do this: if you do then the next time you (re)install one of the
package(s) whose links you've removed it will put them back, thinking
that the package was completely purged and the configuration needs to
be reset.

Simply remove the S* links from the rc?.d directories where you don't
want the programs run.  If you leave at least one K* link then it will
see that there is an old configuration and not overwrite it during


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