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SUMMARY: ncurses problems with xterm/rxvt

Thanks for the quick answers!!

About the wrap problem, the definitive solution is

Guy Maor (maor@ece.utexas.edu) wrote on 6 May 1996 10:40:
 >ncurses-1.9.9e-1 fixes this.


Rob Browning (osiris@cs.utexas.edu) wrote on 6 May 1996 11:44:
 >Unfortunately the new version of ncurses that fixes this has not made
 >it to the public ftp sites.


Austin Donnelly (and1000@cam.ac.uk) wrote on 6 May 1996 15:27:
 >Alternatively, type:
 >      tput smam

which works! In fact I should have found it myself, but I didn't have
the energy to search hard enough. I just did a search for "wrap" in
terminfo(5)... Of course I collected the output and put it in my
precmd() in zsh, so that I don't have to type it everytime I enter in
an ncurses application.

I love you guys! :-)

About the erasing problem, the temporary solution for me, again from
Austin, is to use stty erase ^H. I had forgotten about it, it's such a
long time I don't use stty anymore. However, this isn't the real fix,
since in another machine running .99R6 I have no such setting (stty
reports ^? for erase) and things work fine.

All of you said to use delete instead of backspace. However this
doesn't work at all, it produces ESC[3~...


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