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Re: How to start NIS?

In article <199605061140.HAA23467@dogwood.cray.com>,
James W. Lynch <jwl@atlanta.cray.com> wrote:
>I'm trying to make NIS work for a Linux 0.96 debian release on a
>network of Sun Solaris machines.  I've read the NIS.howto and the
>Net.howto.  I've a few questions.
>Is there a doc somewhere I've missed?

No, this was sparsely or not documented in the 0.93R6 release.
You _really_ should upgrade to the 1.1 BETA, if you possibly
can. There is a seperate NIS package (which I maintain) that
is easy to setup _and_ is documented.

>The NIS.howto says to add a domainname-yp <name> command to 
>my rc.local.  I don't have a domainname-yp program, but I do
>have a domainname program.  Are they the same?  I don't have
>a man page for domainname.  If they aren't the same, which
>debian package has what I want?  

Yup, they are the same. The NIS.howto is probably out of date.
If anything it could have mentioned "nisdomainname" but oh well.

>I for one am not happy with the convoluted rc?.d directory structure
>of the debian system.  It is very confusing.  Yes, I know that each
>rc<N>.d directory is searched for scripts to execute when changing
>from level to level, but I still haven't figured out why there are
>so many levels and what they all mean, but that's beside the point.

It is much easier for a package to drop in  a startup script
automatically, or to remove it. It is mainly so that as much
as possible can be automated.

>Where do I put things like the above since rc.local doesn't appear to
>get executed anymore?  In general, where do you put things that need
>to be started at boot if they don't fit into the provided categories?

For example, put it in a script in /etc/init.d/nis and install
it with "update-rc.d nis defaults 19". That will install the
links for you so that the script gets executed during boot at
the appropriate time. In the script, set the domainname and
start the ypbind process. That will get things going.

>Thanks and please excuse the soapbox, it is frustrating sometimes not
>knowing what to do or where to look for answers.  RTFM only works when
>1) know which manual.
>2) have a small enough set to make searching practical. (NOT Linux)

1.1 is much better... and ELF!

Good luck - Mike.
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