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Re: upgrading from 0.93R6 to 1.1 beta

Scott Barker writes ("Re: upgrading from 0.93R6 to 1.1 beta"):
> I assume you mean the dpkg in unstable/binary/base, since I couldn't find any
> "upgrades" directory. BTW, is there an ELF version of dpkg? I only saw an
> a.out version.

Yes, there are both a.out and ELF versions.  There's been a little bit
of confusion about where they live.  I've arranged for the a.out dpkg
to appear in the new `upgrades' directory (which will appear as soon
as the mirrors pick it up), and the ELF dpkg is now in

> > 2. Type `dselect' and go through Access/Update/Select/Install/Remove
> >    in order.
> Can dftp be used instead? I'd hate to have to download the whole bloody 1.1
> hierarchy across my 14.4 modem...

You can download just the packages you're going to install.  In fact,
if you download just the Packages files and then do all the
selection/deselection in dselect you can see which packages dselect is
going to want to install.

I don't know if dftp (or dpkg-ftp for that matter) support
dependencies and/or pre-dependencies (the latter are required for a
smooth upgrade to the ELF system).


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