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Re: Verifying that download was successful?


Any hints on where I would find dftp....

I have just mirrored the unstable 1.1 release and want
to now use dftp, but can't find the correct one...


At 09:48 PM 05/05/96 -0500, you wrote:
>>>>>> "M" == Mark Phillips <mark@maths.flinders.edu.au> writes:
>M> Hi, I am downloading debian 1.1 beta using ftp.  I want to check
>M> that the files have been downloaded correctly.  One way of doing it
>M> would be to manually do a md5sum on each file and check it against
>M> the "Packages" file, but this would take a long time.  Is there a
>M> quicker way of doing it?
>dftp will do this automatically via "dftp verify".
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