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Re: Verifying that download was successful?

>>>>> "M" == Martin Rheumer <mrheumer@acepia.apana.org.au> writes:

M> Rob, Any hints on where I would find dftp....

Check the contrib directory on your favorite Debian ftp site.  It's
/pub/Linux/Debian/contrib/tools on the site I use.  Contrib is at the
same level as the stable, unstable, etc. directories.  I see that
version 1.4's there now.  It had a couple of bugs.

The new 1.5 version has been released, but apparently hasn't migrated
to its proper directory yet.  Brian (the maintainer) put an extra
copy somewhere where people could get to it in the interim, but I
can't remember where that was.

I cc'ed this to him, so if he's listening, he can remind us :>

M> I have just mirrored the unstable 1.1 release and want to now use
M> dftp, but can't find the correct one...

One thing I'll point out is that you don't need to mirror the whole
release to use dftp.  It'll get the pieces you need for you.


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