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Re: Keyboard table loading (Re: Installing Debian 1.1)

On Fri, 3 May 1996, Jean-Marc Bourguet wrote:

> By the way, is it possible to choose and load the keyboard table at the
> start of the installation procedure? It is something annoying having to
> correct everything you type... I scrambled my password because of this :(

May I add another 'yes'? I've installed the French version of Windows 95
on my machine. The setup just assumes whithout asking that you have an
AZERTY keyboard and it never gives you a chance to correct that... I found
it *very* annoying. 

The setup process should ask for the type of keyboard before any typing is
required, if possible. And it should do it using a scrollable dialog box
instead of asking "please type in your keyboard type". (I trust I don't
need to explain why... :-) )


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