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Re: Rawrite on Win 95 & NT

On Thu, 2 May 1996, Keith Beattie[SFSU Student] wrote:

> I've been trying to make a boot disk using rawrite on either a Win 95
> or NT machine and can't seem to get it to work.  The running of rawrite
> works just fine (no errors) but when I try to boot with the disk -
> nothing.  No complaining about bad system disk or anything, the machine
> just hangs.
> On the Win 95 machine I've tried it in both a DOS shell and after
> "rebooting to dos mode".  It will boot fine when it formats the floppy
> itself.

That's funny... I used rawrite to make boot/root disks under Windows 95
and it worked just fine. Hmm... Try starting the Win95 machine in MS-DOS
mode (press F8 when booting) and then try rawrite. Another (more likely)
cause is that you're feeding rawrite a corrupted disk image. Try
downloading the root/boot disks again... 


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