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Re: installing debian1.1 in a free partition

Francisco Avelino da Silva writes ("installing debian1.1 in a free partition "):
> * using dselect: I am a newer debian user (3 weeks ago I installed the 
> 0.93R6 version at the first time), so I began the installation 
> using the dselect program. It works fine, but I had the following obstacles:
> 	I grab the debian distribution an put it in a free hard disk 
> partition. Then I choose the option:
> 	 harddisk       Install from a hard disk partition (not yet mounted).
> and follow the directions... Ok all was find but then during the 
> next installation step , dselect didn't find the directories but showing 
> more less the following path foo/foo/foo....//debian/binary
> 					    ^^
>                                        that // I don't understand why appears

The // shouldn't be a problem.  Are you sure you typed in (all the)
directories correctly ?  If you still have the stuff on the spare
partition I'd like you to try umounting the filesystem if you've
mounted it by hand and then going through Access and Update in

If you run all of this in `script' and then gzip, uuencode and mail me
the resulting typescript file I'd be most grateful - then I can see
exactly what's going wrong.  (Use Pine's `read in file' not its
`attach file' feature to include the file.)

> Well, I tackled that mounting manually the directory an using 
> "mounted        Install from a filesystem which is already mounted" option

Glad that worked for you :-).


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