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Re: installing debian1.1 in a free partition

On Thu, 2 May 1996, Francisco Avelino da Silva wrote:

> * The X configuration: uuuuhh. I run X well when I try startx xinit or
> xdm with fvwm. When I used openwin upon xdm was more complicated, but with
> some effort now it works (at home I have a new atlantis-intel
> motherboard with a AtiMach64 CT chip that ONLY works with the last
> XMach64XXXX 3.12D server; after the normal installation of debian on a
> clean partition I substituted only the XF86_M64 file in the /usr/X11R6/bin
> directory).

Substituting the server (or putting the new one in /usr/local/bin) is the 
right thing to do, until the next version of XFree86 is released officially.

Could you describe the problems you had with openwin, and what you did to 
make it work?

Steve Early

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