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Re: problem with tar/sendmail/ls

R.E.Welsh@quadstone.co.uk (Evan Welsh)  wrote on 30.04.96 in <21750.199604301656@subnode.quadstone.co.uk>:

> $ /usr/sbin/sendmail -f evan evan < ~/test.msg
> clnttcp_create: RPC: Program not registered
> Segmentation fault
> $
> Now this looked just like a problem I had with tar a while back. When tar
> refused to perform any operation that involved writing to a file (or
> STDOUT) and bombed out with the same message. By the way, I also get the
> clnttcp_create message with ls but it doesn't seg fault so -- like a bad
> smell -- I can live with it.

I've heard this one before. I don't remember the exact details, but I  
think I can guess:

>   if (gid != savegid)
>     {
>       savegid = gid;
>       savegname[0] = '\0';
>       setgrent ();
>       gr = getgrgid (gid);
>       if (gr)
> 	strncpy (savegname, gr->gr_name, TGNMLEN);
>     }

Obviously, it barfs when trying to match group ids to group names, and  
what goes wrong involves tcp/ip.

That should be a problem with yp (aka nis).

Two possibilities:

a. You want to use yp. Make sure that it's setup right, something  
obviously isn't. I'm not an yp expert, so I can't tell exactly what.

b. You don't want to use yp, maybe don't even know what it is. It seems  
it's enabled, though. I _think_ you'll find a special entry in /etc/groups  
indicating to getgrid() that it should do a yp lookup, and removing that  
entry will stop your problem. (Similar entries can exist for /etc/passwd.)  
Something looking weird like "+:*::" or similar.

MfG Kai

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