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Re: problem upgrade to 1.1

On Thu, 2 May 1996, gli wrote:

> Then I joyfully upgraded the rest of the system.  I upgraded the X11 from
> the unstable tree, after I fetched all the packages that I need such as
> xbase, xserver-mach32, etc, and install it, also using dselect and
> dpkg-ftp, but I got some error messages at the end.

Could you possibly send me the error messages? There is one known problem
in the current X packages; the server is not added to
/etc/X11/xdm/Xservers. /etc/X11/Xserver should be set up correctly. I'm
going to release fixed packages after I've finished my dissertation. 

> 1) configure the required files by hand.  I need to read some related
> documents before I can make sure everything is ok.  I will learn more. 

If /etc/X11/Xserver and /etc/X11/xdm/Xservers are the only problem, it's 
probably best to set them up by hand. Once you've done this, re-run the 
configuration scripts for the packages (using dpkg --configure --pending) 
and things should work.

You should put the following two lines in /etc/X11/Xserver:

You should add the following line to the end of /etc/X11/xdm/Xservers:
:0 local /usr/X11R6/bin/X

> 2) Un-select the packages and remove the configure files using dselect,
> then re-select the packages again and hope it will be configured correctly
> this time.  I have not try this way, what happen if I have the same
> result?  Or some magic in Debian system. 

That should work, apart from the known bug with putting the line in 

> 3) Start all over again.  Directly install 1.1 from scratch. 

You don't need to do that.

> I would prefer, something along the line of the second method above, to
> fix my Debian system.  Because I have other packages install as well, they
> were not configured correctly during the installation also.  For example
> the sendmail keeps dumping out error message on my first console.  Other
> packages complain about sendmail is not configured yet.  The gpm 1.0 is
> not working correctly, it was working in the older package.  And zgv
> cannot run, it cannot find libvga.so.1. The modules was in not good 
> order, cannot use insmod, etc. 

You can find out which packages are unpacked but not configured by using 
dpkg --audit. You can use dpkg -s packagename for any installed or 
unpacked package to find out what it depends on, and then install the 
required packages manually.

Alternatively dselect is supposed to do the right thing, but I always 
find that using dpkg directly is easiest and fastest.

Steve Early

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