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upgrading from 0.93R6 to 1.1 beta

I have been using and staying current with the 0.93R6 version of
Debian.  I would like to install v 1.1 beta and test it and contribute
to the beta testing effort.  I have seen the installation from floppy
disk instructions.  I could also install on a separate "test" machine
that would be different from my main machine.  However, I have one
simple question:

Can I install v 1.1 over the existing v 0.93R6 installation as a usual
package (or whole sets of packages) upgrade?  I could not find
instructions on how to do that.  Will this be so difficult that it
would be better to install from scratch?  I would like to save all my
configuration files (of course I will have this from backup, but I
want to minimize hand tweaking).

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