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problem upgrade to 1.1


I installed the 0.93R6, and followed the script that was posted here, to
upgrade to 1.1 base system.  That was all fine.  I used dselect and dpkg-ftp
along the way.

Then I joyfully upgraded the rest of the system.  I upgraded the X11 from
the unstable tree, after I fetched all the packages that I need such as
xbase, xserver-mach32, etc, and install it, also using dselect and
dpkg-ftp, but I got some error messages at the end. All the packages were
installed but not all were configured correctly, for example xinit and xdm
won't start the X Window System.  It is because the files /etc/X11/Xserver
and the file /etc/X11/xdm/Xserver is not being setted up correctly yet.  I
know if everything is ok, then some packages will configure these files. 

I have three choice here:

1) configure the required files by hand.  I need to read some related
documents before I can make sure everything is ok.  I will learn more. 

2) Un-select the packages and remove the configure files using dselect,
then re-select the packages again and hope it will be configured correctly
this time.  I have not try this way, what happen if I have the same
result?  Or some magic in Debian system. 

3) Start all over again.  Directly install 1.1 from scratch. 
I would prefer, something along the line of the second method above, to
fix my Debian system.  Because I have other packages install as well, they
were not configured correctly during the installation also.  For example
the sendmail keeps dumping out error message on my first console.  Other
packages complain about sendmail is not configured yet.  The gpm 1.0 is
not working correctly, it was working in the older package.  And zgv
cannot run, it cannot find libvga.so.1. The modules was in not good 
order, cannot use insmod, etc. 

I might have screwed something up during the upgrade after I did the base
upgrade.  I don't know what.  I hope you know what my problem is. And how
do I get my Debian back to a good state again?  Please tell me what to do. 


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